KOVOVÝROBA POCINOVICE s.r.o. – CNC sheet metal processing


Employees of our company are qualified experts with many years‘ experience, equipped with modern technologies. We are able to meet high demands on completion quickness of every order.


We believe in high quality of our service and in personal attitude of our employees.

Company KOVOVÝROBA POCINOVICE S.R.O. offer perfect solution of your needs in the field of metal sheet processing. Thanks to our deep expert knowledge and experience we are able to manage qualitative demanding tasks to full customers‘ satisfaction.

We offer large scale of service, from laser and plasma cutting, bending, pressing, resistance bolt welding to professional welding. Our main working tools are CNC fibre laser FeiCut, plasma cutting machines PIERCE RUR 3000 and MIKRONEX and bending machine Inanlar VIO 30170. These technologies connect cut precision and efficiency with production economy.

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Quality and professionalism are top priority for us!

We, KOVOVÝROBA POCINOVICE S.R.O., are proud of our strong expert knowledge basis and uncompromising fulfilment of customers‘ demands. Our qualified team keep on learning and improving themselves in order to be ready to respond to new challenges concerning quality and implementation of precision.

We are aware that the key to success is not only precise performance and advanced technologies but also understanding the needs and wishes of our customers. We try to follow new trends and procedures in our branch to be able to offer best technological and technical solutions available. Every customers‘ order is in our eyes an opportunity for further growth and improvement.

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Production possibilities of KOVOVÝROBA POCINOVICE s.r.o.

Laser cutting

Accurate cutting on big workspace 4000 x 2000 mm with maximum speed up to 3500 mm/s.

Plasma cutting

Maximum size of metal sheet up to 6000 x 2000 mm, thickness from 1 to 55 mm, machines PIERCE RUR 3000 and MIKRONEX.


Bending press machine INALAR, length 3000 mm, 170 tons, 8 axles. Hydraulic bender, length 2000 mm, 170 tons, thickness up to 2 mm.

Plate circle bending

Metal sheet circling – maximum width 1000 mm, maximum thickness 3 mm.

Other metalwork

Deburring, pressing, welding and other activities.